Visa Requirement

Visa Requirement

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Study Visa Requirements

Apart from the admission criteria, International students will have to meet the following study visa requisites. All international students must have a visa before entering Cyprus. The student visa is generally issued within one month from the date of submission of all required papers by the College to the local authorities, but usually not later than four to five days before the beginning of the Semester for which the student has applied.

Original Bank Letter of Financial Support (In English)

International students are required to submit an official bank letter of financial support indicating that their sponsor (father or mother) has the ability to finance their studies and living expenses in Cyprus.

Original Letter of Good Conduct

International students are also required to submit an official letter of good conduct from local police authorities or local government from their country of residence to indicate clear criminal record.

An International student who has been accepted at Cyprus will require an entry visa to Cyprus. The College will handle all required paperwork for the issuance of a student visa, subjected to the condition that all the items listed above reach the Office of Admissions on time; or else, the College cannot guarantee the issuance of a student visa, and therefore, entry into Cyprus. International students from China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh must apply for a student visa from the Cyprus Embassy/Consulate from their country of origin.)

Students will be given a Temporary Student Visa on arrival at the port of entry. A Permanent Student Visa will be issued after the students complete all needed admission, registration and payment requirements at the College. The Immigration Regulations of Cyprus state that holders of a student visa are not allowed to work.